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A Circular Plastics Economy - Rethinking Recycling and Resources in Greater Manchester

About this event

The challenges of plastic waste are real and need to be urgently solved but is it as simple as doing away with plastic altogether? This session explores the complex nature of our plastic environment, the interdependency of plastics on our goals for lowering our carbon footprint and increasing our expected lifespan, and the relationship we have with plastic in a pandemic and post-pandemic world.

This webinar will explore:

  • Understanding the environment and how the carbon impact of plastics underpins change
  • ‘One Bin to Rule Them All’ – shaping a new sustainable future for circular plastics in Greater Manchester
  • Developing value chains in waste management solutions / data standards
  • How supply chains need to innovate collaboratively to innovate sustainably
  • The challenges of recycling during a pandemic and in a post-pandemic world

Join our panel of experts as listed below.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Guest speaker
    RT G
    Rob Thompson Head of Packaging @ Co-op Food

  • Guest speaker
    HH G
    Helen Holmes Sustainable Consumption Institute @ The University of Manchester

    Dr Helen Holmes is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Manchester and part of the Sustainable Consumption Institute. Her work explores the intersections of consumption and diverse forms of economy, particularly circular economy, through a focus on materials and practices.

  • Guest speaker
    MS G
    Mike Shaver Director of the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub @ The Henry Royce Institute

    Professor Michael Shaver (FRSC, FIMMM) is Professor of Polymer Science in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Manchester where he leads initiatives in sustainable polymers, plastics and materials for the Henry Royce Institute, the UK’s national advanced materials science centre. H...

  • Guest speaker
    MW G
    Martin Wickham Food & Drink Investment Specialist @ The Department for International Trade

  • Guest speaker
    RM G
    Richard McKinlay Head of Consulting @ Axion

  • Guest speaker
    SW G
    Sophie Walker COO & Co-founder @ Dsposal

    Sophie is the COO and Co-Founder of Dsposal a clean-tech company, who along with its sister social enterprise Your Dsposal, is on a mission is to empower people to make better decisions with their resources and waste by increasing transparency and accountability to make a positive impact on our e...

  • Guest speaker
    CB G
    Chris Beckley Market Access & Public Affairs Director @ Chiesi

    Founded in 1935 in Parma, Italy, as a family company, Chiesi has over 85 years’ experience of treating patients. They now span the globe, employing more than 6,000 people worldwide and sell products in more than 80 countries. Chiesi is run by the third generation of the Chiesi family and is among...

  • Guest speaker
    LD G
    Lucy Danger CEO @ Emerge Recycling

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