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Cut Carbon, Save Costs: An SME’s guide to Sustainability and Net Zero

About this event

SMEs account for around 99% of the UK business population and as such have a vital role to play in sustainability and reaching climate change targets.

We recognise that many businesses want to improve their energy efficiency & lower their carbon footprint but face challenges or obstacles in getting started such as lack of skills & knowledge, perceived cost, fear of low return on investment, lack of time due to competing priorities and more.

This webinar will raise awareness of some of the low-cost, easy to install/implement technologies that can be made to your buildings that could help the business reduce costs, perform more efficiently as well as making a positive contribution to climate change.

You will see some market-validated solutions from some of the companies that we work with as well as hearing about available funding through our Energy Accelerator project.

The Energy Innovation Agency (the Agency) is accelerating Greater Manchester’s transition to a low-carbon economy by supporting energy innovators to scale and grow their businesses and connecting them with GM businesses to help overcome their energy challenges. produce plug sockets that are powered by machine learning, which automatically identify and eliminate the small power waste of your devices, reducing your carbon emissions and electricity bills.

DiscreteHeat's ThermaSkirt technology combines heating and skirting into one cost effective, space saving & energy efficient package.

Register now to discover some of the easy changes that can be made to the buildings you operate within, which can help to reduce energy costs, optimise energy usage, and make your business more competitive.


11:00 - Welcome/Introduction to the Agency

11:05 - Simplifying decarbonisation for SME's: Quick wins and taking action - Energy Innovation Agency

11:15 - Smart Sockets: Eliminate wasted energy in buildings -

11:25 - ThermaSkirt: The 21st century heating solution - DiscreteHeat

11:35 - Energy Accelerator Funding - Energy Innovation Agency

11:40 - Q&A

11:55 - Close

About us:

The Energy Innovation Agency is a unique organisation, created to help Greater Manchester’s transition to a low-carbon economy by enabling energy innovators to scale and grow their businesses. Supported by eight partners from the public and private sectors, the Agency offers a range of diverse services to businesses to support them in developing, deploying, and delivering their green products and services here in GM; innovations which can help overcome the energy challenges that many GM businesses face and help them to become more energy efficient, whilst reducing energy costs.

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    Stephanie Boyle Senior Events Manager @ The Growth Company

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    Ethan Wadsworth Discrete Heat

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    Adam Wright Measurable Energy

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    David Schiele Director @ Energy Innovation Agency

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    Nikki Chamberlain

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    Gary Bateman Innovation lead Energy innovation agency @ Energy innovation agency

    I am Innovation lead for the Future homes and had worked on the Energy house project for the last 12 years at Salford University. Fulltime dad and husband part time DJ and fitness instructor living in North Wales.

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    Kevin Aisbitt

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    Joe Grindrod

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