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[CPD-CEU] Deep Dive into Menopause Health (follow-on, part 2)

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Watch the replay now and join the Menopause Health revolution!

Did you know?

  • It is estimated that worldwide 1.2 billion women will be in the menopausal transition or post-menopause by 2030
  • Women spend around 40 years (about half) of their life in peri- and post-menopause
  • 80% of women experience symptoms during the menopause transition, and about 25% of women suffer from severe symptoms
  • About 40% of women who went to their GP about their symptoms were told they would just have to “live with them”
  • Nearly 900,000 women in the UK had to leave their jobs due to the challenging symptoms of menopause

As per the revealing 2023 UK Parliament Enquiry Report:

"Despite 51% of the population eventually facing menopause, the combination of societal taboo, sexism, and ageism has led to a grossly inadequate support system for the 13 million women in the UK alone navigating this life phase."

These staggering numbers and eye-opening insights are a wake-up call, highlighting a societal blind spot across the world! And we’ve set out on a mission to change that for the better.

If you want to get all your burning questions about Menopause Health answered, and connect with a community that understands and shares your journey, this interactive webinar with our Chief Science Educator, Alex Ruani and 1500+ registrants is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Whether you’ve joined last week’s webinar or enrolled in our Menopause Health certification, seeking a comprehensive understanding of the topic or want to support a friend, family member, client, or patient – joining this deep-dive CPD training will equip you with vital know-how on integrating Menopause Health into your practice and supporting more women through this transition.

Here’s an overview of the topics we’ll deep-dive into:

  • Explore lifestyle and dietary strategies to alleviate bothersome menopause symptoms, such as hot flushes, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, sleeplessness, and others
  • Discover why women are more vulnerable to certain conditions post-menopause, such as cardiovascular disease or breast cancer
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness and safety of bio-identical hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Discover how to integrate Menopause Health services into your practice for maximum impact
  • Recognise the importance of community support and sharing experiences in managing menopause
  • Understand the global and cultural perspectives on menopause and compare different healthcare approaches
  • What benefits does understanding Menopause Health offer, and how can integrating hormone-balancing strategies enhance your practice with our brand-new Level 5 Certification?

Remember, you have the option of claiming your smart CPD certificate when you complete this webinar!

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    Alex Ruani Chief Science Educator @ The Health Sciences Academy

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    Maurice Castelijn CEO @ The Health Sciences Academy

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