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The Health Sciences Academy invites you to their event

[CPD Certified Webinar] Principles of Nutritional Therapy for Your Practice

About this event

In this special CPD certified webinar, you will be discovering:

  • The most important step in nutritional personalisation when working with clients
  • Impact of genetics on health risks and human traits
  • Nature vs nurture debate: is there a winner?
  • The problem with nutritional advice today (that even smart dieticians and nutritionists get wrong)
  • Spotting nutrient deficiencies risks and understanding how to mitigate them
  • Creating personalised nutrition plans for your clients

This special CPD training will show you the fundamental principles of working with nutrition clients so you can establish a strong foundation for your future as a nutrition professional.

Remember you have the option of claiming your smart CPD certificate when you complete this webinar!

Hosted by

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    Maurice Castelijn CEO @ The Health Sciences Academy

  • Team member
    Alex Ruani Chief Science Educator @ The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy


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