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Sourcing Certainty: Rebuilding Efficient Go-To-Market & Supply Chain Processes For 2024

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From razor-thin margins and cost pressures, to long product lifecycles and sustainability legislation, fashion is facing a complex array of challenges in the UK and internationally.

As we go into 2024, brands, retailers, and their suppliers are seeking new ways to futureproof their businesses, to minimise risk, and to target stability and profitability. And with huge strides being made in preconfigured, adaptable, cloud-native tools, technology could hold the answer to not just solving immediate problems, but sourcing long-term certainty.

Join representatives of The Interline, Infor, WhichPLM, and Ptex Solutions for a 45-minute exploration of the root causes of uncertainty and inefficiency in fashion, and to discuss strategies for securing sustainable growth at a time of peak unpredictability.

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  • Team member
    Ben Hanson Editor-in-Chief @ The Interline

    Ben has been a fashion technology analyst, writer, and speaker for more than a decade. Day-to-day, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Interline.

  • Guest speaker
    Prasham Kamdar Managing Partner @ Ptex Solutions

    Prasham Kamdar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions, an Alliance Partner of Infor that specialises in implementing Infor PLM for Fashion. With close to 25 years of global experience across fashion, retail, manufacturing and IT industries, he has witnessed the evolution of PDM from its nascent stage to extended PLM and beyond. Prasham’s passion for PLM, technological innovation and the fashion industry, continues to shape and pave the course for Ptex Solutions.

  • Guest speaker
    Helene Behrenfeldt Industry Strategy Director @ Infor

    Helene works as a strategist at Infor focusing on the fashion industry. She has more than 20 years of experience talking to clients, giving advice and positioning solutions to help support their businesses. Areas of expertise include multi-channel global operations, sustainability, product development, inventory management and overall fashion brands focus. She is responsible of investigating where the market is going to make sure Infor is well positioned to meet the needs of the fashion industry today as well as tomorrow. Prior to joining Infor, Helene worked in IT focusing on providing and showcasing solutions for fast moving consumer goods companies globally.

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Harrop Strategic Advisor @ WhichPLM Advisory

    For nearly 50 years, from manufacturing to bleeding-edge software, Mark has worked tirelessly to further the cause of technology across apparel and footwear.

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