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Adhesive Selection for the Joining of Plastics

About this event

Plastics are widely used in a variety of applications and can be joined using a variety of techniques. Adhesives offer a versatile and effective way to join plastics, but the selection of the right adhesive can be challenging. This webinar will discuss the factors to consider when selecting an adhesive for joining plastics, such as the properties of the plastics, the application environment, and the desired performance of the joint. We will also review the different types of adhesives available and their advantages and disadvantages.

The webinar will be of interest to engineers, designers, and manufacturers who are involved in the joining of plastics. It will provide the participants with the knowledge and skills they need to select the right adhesive for their application and to ensure the successful bonding of plastics.

After attending this presentation, you will gain a clear understanding of the following:

• Factors to consider when selecting an adhesive for plastic bonding. 

• Common adhesives used for plastic bonding.

• Testing adhesives for plastic bonding.

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  • Guest speaker
    Melissa Kurtz Managing Engineer @ The Madison Group

    Melissa holds an M.S. degree in Material Science and Engineering from Wayne State University. Over her 20+ years of experience she has advised on development teams and worked to verify performance prior to launch. She is an expert in material selection, test method development, and failure analysis.

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