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Considerations When Converting a Metal Part to Plastic

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Plastic materials have wonderful attributes that designers can take advantage of when converting from a metal to a plastic. Some of these include design freedom, strength-to-weight ratio, cosmetic enhancements, cost, chemical resistance, ease of manufacturing, and numerous others.

In many situations, it is an obvious decision to make the change to plastic. However, this does not mean that the conversion process will be straightforward and easy. In fact, converting a metal part to a plastic is not trivial and requires a significant amount of engineering to ensure failure does not occur.

Plastic materials have their own considerations, such as the change in properties and dimensions over time, environmental issues, a relatively small temperature operating range, high thermal expansion, and chemical resistance.

This presentation will review the metal-to-plastic conversion process, including important considerations that should be accounted for, the material selection process, and important differences of plastic and metal to consider.

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    Paul Gramann President @ The Madison Group

    Dr. Gramann received his Ph.D. in 1995 from the University of Wisconsin- Madison where he also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He is dedicated to design verifications and failure analysis of thermoplastic, elastomeric and thermoset parts. His expert testim...

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