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Introduction to Thermoset Materials

About this event

Thermoset resins exhibit behavior that are very different when compared to the more common thermoplastic materials. These properties include high temperature and chemical resistance, and a wide realm of possibilities in terms of stiffness and strength. The processing of these materials is key to the realization of their properties, even more so than for thermoplastic materials.

This presentation will provide people not extensively familiar with plastics an understanding of the basics. If words such as polymer, thermoset, cure, and modulus are outside your normal vocabulary, this presentation is for you!

At the conclusion of this presentation, you will understand:

  • How thermosets are fundamentally different than thermoplastic resins.
  • What the chemistries are behind popular thermosetting resins.
  • By what means are thermoset resins processed.
  • What role the state of cure plays in shaping the properties of thermosets.

Directly following this event we will host a live Q&A session for up to 30 minutes to cover thermoset related questions.

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  • Guest speaker
    Javier Cruz Senior Managing Engineer and Partner @ The Madison Group

    Javier Cruz is a Senior Managing Engineer and Partner at The Madison Group. Javier is a chemical engineer by degree who grew an interest in polymeric materials and completed his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Materials Science and Engineering of polymers. He is an expert in many aspects of polymeric materials including material selection, failure investigations, product development, compatibility and aging, and analytical testing.

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    The Madison Group

    The Madison Group is recognized as a global leader in the plastics industry. We offer a variety of customized consulting services from material selection to design verification to failure analysis and everywhere in between.

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