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"Plastics In" Series: Appliance Applications

About this event

The use of plastic materials in electronic appliances has been a growing market, and it makes sense given that plastics are economical, provide good aesthetics, are corrosion resistant, and lightweight, etc. In select electronic appliances, plastics make up a very comparable and sometimes even higher percentage of building material than metals and glass. While more parts are being made from plastic, taking full advantage of plastics can be difficult without a basic understanding of the wide array of available materials and where/how they are best used.

This webinar will introduce the types of plastics being used in electronic appliance applications, review common design considerations when choosing a plastic material, and go over case studies showing what can go wrong when plastics are not properly implemented.

At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will better understand: 

  • Pros and cons of the typical plastics used in electronic appliances.
  • Critical design considerations for plastic components in appliances.
  • Real world case studies showing failure and success within the industry  

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  • Guest speaker
    Jack DeSousa Project @ The Madison Group

    Jack DeSousa is a graduate of Winona State University with a degree in composite materials engineering. Jack is a Project Engineer with The Madison Group, and specializes in failure analysis, material testing and characterization, and design. He has performed over 600 product evaluations and over 75 chemical/material analyses for industrial clients as well as supported many more. Jack’s attention to detail and follow through are essential to the operation and maintenance of the laboratory and its equipment at TMG.

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