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"Plastics In" Series: Automotive Underhood Applications

About this event

The application of plastics in the automotive underhood environment is a challenging one due to the combination of high temperature, continuous stress, and chemical exposure. In addition to these physical aspects, there is a need to design low-weight products at very low cost. Due to these considerations the long-term behavior of the material becomes a critical factor in design. Fatigue is well understood in the industry due to its long history with metals. However, plastic creep is much often forgotten and seldom considered during design. Added into this mix is the common use of fiber-reinforced plastics, which increases the complexity of the design process.

This presentation will focus on plastic creep considerations related to the high temperature environment and stresses at play inside engine compartments. The presentation will also cover fiber-reinforced materials focusing on the effect of chopped fiber reinforcements in molded products.

After this presentation you will increase your knowledge about:

  • Creep considerations when designing products for high temperature applications.
  • The effect of fiber reinforcement on the short and long term properties of plastic molded products.
  • Residual stress considerations when designing parts with varying cross-sectional thickness.

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  • Guest speaker
    Antoine Rios Senior Managing Engineer and Partner @ The Madison Group

    Dr. Rios received his Ph.D. from the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and he also holds an MBA from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin. He specializes in forensic analysis, plastics part design, computer aided engineering (CAE), as well as failure analysis. His sound technical expertise has been called upon numerous times in a variety of litigations.

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