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Synergy of Preventing Product Failure - Part Design

About this event

This event is the second installment in our four-part series on the prevention of product failure. This series focuses on ensuring robust product performance and preventing failure at each step in the product development process.

This webinar will focus on minimizing the risk of product failures through effectively understanding how the combination of good design and manufacturing techniques influence the performance of the end product. The role of design is significant, in that design drives customer experience, performance requirements, and cost goals for the end product. While there are many design rules, current trends in many industries force designers to deviate from those rules. If the product calls for a deviation from these rules, it is imperative to understand the possible consequences of breaking rules in product performance.

While design helps define the product-performance window, manufacturing often dictates what the feasible upper-limit is for a given product within that window. Having a good understanding of what manufacturing factors can limit that ceiling can help part designers more effectively communicate design intent to their manufacturing partner. Therefore, an ideal product development cycle should consider the design and manufacturing aspects in tandem. Liberties taken during the design phase can sometimes be mitigated by optimizing the manufacturing process. However, if this collaboration is done too late in the design cycle, the options for modifications become limited and often more expensive. 

In this event, two of The Madison Group’s experts, Erik Foltz and Antoine Rios will discuss the challenges of proper design and manufacturing of plastic products, and how a collaborative effort can help provide proactive solutions to achieve the original part design intent. The goal for this webinar is to convey the importance of design and manufacturing in ensuring product robustness, and avoiding product failure.

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  • Guest speaker
    Erik Foltz Senior Managing Engineer and Partner @ The Madison Group

    Erik Foltz is a Certified Professional Moldflow® Consultant. He received his M.S. from the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His specialties include plastic part design verification, process optimization and troubleshooting for injection and compression molding, and plastics failure. He has experience with thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomeric, and composite materials.

  • Guest speaker
    Antoine Rios Senior Managing Engineer and Partner @ The Madison Group

    Dr. Rios received his Ph.D. from the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and he also holds an MBA from Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin. He specializes in forensic analysis, plastics part design, computer aided engineering (CAE), as well as failure analysis. His sound technical expertise has been called upon numerous times in a variety of litigations.

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