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Synergy of Preventing Product Failure - Product Testing

About this event

This event is the final installment in our four-part series on the prevention of product failure. This series focuses on ensuring robust product performance and preventing failure at each step in the product development process.

This webinar will focus on minimizing the risk of product failures through performing appropriate product testing to ensure success through end of life. A successful product testing program will take into account potential accelerants to failure in the design, manufacturing, and end use environment. This requires a thorough understanding of the product specifications, material behavior, and system influences. In the end, product testing does a great job at presenting synergistic effects in an assembly that may be missed from individual part testing. It is important to have a testing program that allows for some deconvolution of these effects so you as a designer know how to remedy any problems that arise.

At the end of this presentation you will understand the following:

  • How does product testing differ from up-front design and material testing
  • The potential shortcomings of standardized testing and where it can fall short
  • What factors should be considered during the development of a product testing program
  • Important considerations for ensuring long-term performance
  • The importance of setting up an ongoing validation program for the most critical properties for your product.

Please join two of The Madison Group’s experts, Richie Anfinsen and Melissa Kurtz, as they guide you through the complex world of product testing.  

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  • Guest speaker
    Richie Anfinsen Senior Project Engineer @ The Madison Group

    Richie hold a B.S. degree in Composite Materials Engineering from Winona State University. He has led hundreds of investigations across a variety of industries. His work focuses on helping clients during the initial design stages, with manufacturing issues, and in root causes identification.

  • Guest speaker
    Melissa Kurtz Managing Engineer @ The Madison Group

    Melissa holds an M.S. degree in Material Science and Engineering from Wayne State University. Over her 20+ years of experience she has advised on development teams and worked to verify performance prior to launch. She is an expert in material selection, test method development, and failure analysis.

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