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The Degradation of Plastics

About this event

Nothing lasts forever and degradation is just one of the many mechanisms that dictates the end of life of plastic products. Degradation can be introduced through multiple sources. From the compounding stage, to the processing stage, and all through the lifetime use of the product. This webinar will introduce the concept of degradation and present different mechanisms that can lead to degradation. In addition, techniques for identifying degradation will be discussed and methods for degradation prevention will be presented. This webinar is recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about plastics and the mechanisms that can lead to their useful end of life.

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  • Guest speaker
    Javier Cruz Senior Managing Engineer and Partner @ The Madison Group

    Dr. Cruz is a chemical engineer by degree who grew an interest in polymeric materials and completed his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Materials Science and Engineering of polymers. He is an expert in many aspects of polymeric materials including material selection, failure investigations, product development, compatibility and aging, and analytical testing. Javier serves clients in all types of industries that involve the use of polymers such as medical devices, electrical, oil and gas, plumbing and consumer products. He also serves as an expert witness in numerous cases where his expertise has been vital.

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