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MSO | Conflict Resolution for Teams

About this webinar

Workplace conflict is inevitable, resolution divine!! However, many teams agree to disagree without reaching successful solutions. This avoidance can lead to negativity, decreased productivity, and a hostile work environment. When a team oversteps the mark of a healthy difference of opinion, coaching conflict resolution for the two opposing teams requires respect, patience and clear expectations of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Teams need to know the basics of conflict resolution, delegation, and consensus building to bring projects to fruition. It is unavoidable for large groups to work together on one project without differences of opinions coming to a head. Learn best practices that can be implemented to turn conflict from a word to be feared to an essential ingredient in the team’s success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The leaders role in facilitating conflict resolution
  • Turning conflict into constructive/positive…agree to disagree, respect
  • Rules of engagement, finding solutions
  • Increasing collaboration

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Kim Busse Key Relationship Manager @ The Omnia Group

    Kim Busse is the Key Relationship Manager at The Omnia Group. With 25+ years of people management and business development experience, Kim partners with her clients to select and manage top talent and build high-performance teams through leadership training and employee engagement.

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