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Cultivating Success: Growing Talent for Development, Promotion and Succession

About this event

Employee development is an essential element to the success of your business. Growing a capable sales team makes your business flourish, developing the employees who nurture your customers ensures repeat sales and referrals, and building leaders fortifies it all; it’s the circle of life! And much like a garden, as a manager you need to plant the seeds of employee development, grow your team, create strong individual contributors, and weed out the problems that prevent success.  

Hiring and retaining productive, successful team members present a challenge to many employers. Hold on to those A-players by using behavioral data as part of your development plan. We will talk about strategies for successfully promoting, transferring, and developing employees.  


  • Understanding the power of behavioral insight and how to use it effectively to develop and retain A-players 
  • Evaluating the key characteristics of most successful sales, leadership, and support personalities  
  • Developing strong leaders and individual contributors 

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    Wendy Sheaffer Product Manager @ The Omnia Group

    With over 20 years of experience, I help companies hire the right person the first time, manage more effectively and build high-performance teams using everyday tools and behavioral concepts.

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