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Develop Your Modern Workforce with a Strengths-Based Culture

About this event

No matter the size of your organization, investing in employee development doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. For smaller businesses in particular, it can feel daunting to compete for top talent when you lack the resources to provide the luxurious perks of a larger business. The good news is what you lack in resources, you make up for with agility. You have the flexibility to develop employee skills in multiple ways, capitalizing on strengths while providing a stream of new skills and knowledge to your staff. You benefit by having people who can move deftly around the organization to help in other areas or work on special projects while your employees benefit by growing professionally and staying current… and that packs a mighty punch as an incentive. By focusing on strengths in this way, you are building a strengths-based culture to attract and keep talent in a modern workforce. 

Join us to learn some behavioral tactics for assembling teams with each individual’s innate talents in mind. Learn how to attract the right candidates by promoting your strengths-based culture, and differentiate yourself from the competition by empowering employees to use their strengths across the organization.  

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • Creating a strengths-based culture
  • Maximizing the individual’s strengths for the team’s success
  • Understanding and overcoming obstacles in the strengths based culture

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