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From Survive to Thrive: Leading Your Team Into 2022

About this event

Cheers to 2022, we made it! For almost 2 years now we have been in survival mode – does it feel longer to anyone else? Let’s resolve to start the year with a thrive mindset. Successful leaders recognize the importance of soft skills both in themselves and on their teams. In this webinar, we’ll explore how behavior influences your leadership style and how to leverage that to create a work environment that is productive as well as inspiring.  Understanding your team’s natural work preferences and communication requirements allows you to play to their strengths and navigate smoothly around challenges.

You’ll walk away with real advice on how to expertly manage different types of employees.  Whether you’re a new manager or you’ve been leading for years, let’s talk together about how to move from survive to thrive in 2022. New year, new plan… same great team!

Webinar Resolutions:

  • Identify changes for an improved approach to managing
  • Uncover the unique motivators of your team members
  • Identify the engagement status of your team and best practices to improve it
  • Provide effective tips to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings


Hosted by

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    Tonya DeVane Sr. Client Advisor @ The Omnia Group

    With 20+ years of experience, I understand what it takes to hire & develop an A-team as well as help them reach their potential. My specialties include coaching & consulting on leading, engaging & retaining teams in a wide range of industries including insurance, financial, staffing & healthcare.

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