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PIA Members - 3 Easy Ways to Synchronize Teamwork in Your Agency

About this webinar

Variety is the spice of life, but when those spices are your employees, it can be challenging to get everyone in sync. Teams need diversity to row smoothly across all types of situations. Your administrative team picks up the details that the producers might overlook, while the producers attack new business opportunities confident in the knowledge that the service team is keeping their existing accounts happy.  

If everyone had the same strengths and thrived on the same motivators, it wouldn’t be long before the team loses momentum, goes in circles or even sinks. The key is knowing how to use those differences to work for you and not against you. By getting your team to understand and appreciate the individual strengths of each member, you will harness the power of synchronization toward a common goal. Row into increased productivity, engagement and retention scores with this webinar. We will provide the oars you need to create, build, and maintain an unstoppable team!

Join us as we discuss:

  • 3 vital elements for creating team cohesiveness
  • How to build and maintain team motivation
  • How self-awareness can be used to break down communication barriers
  • How to appreciate and celebrate our differences in the workplace  

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Tonya DeVane

    Since 2008, Tonya DeVane has been helping senior and mid-level managers select top talent, manage more effectively, and build high-performance teams using behavioral assessment tools and concepts.

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