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MSO: Move Your Mission Forward with Succession Planning

About this event

What would you do if a key employee resigned, fell ill or was fired tomorrow? Would you be prepared? While we’re at it, who’s going to take your place when you advance? Succession planning isn’t just for the executive team, it’s smart planning for all. Succession planning is not an issue many organizations address in a systematic way. However, with careful planning and preparation, businesses can manage the changes that result from a generational transfer of leadership as well as the ongoing changes that occur regularly when key employees leave an organization. As a leader, it’s important to recognize your team’s potential for promotion AND provide the tools that will help develop the next generation of leaders. Learn how to create a culture of employee development with tools and techniques to promote successful succession planning.

What You'll Learn:

·      Recognizing employee potential

·      Helping employees create an action plan

·      How to create a succession plan

·      When to revise your succession plan

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    Tonya DeVane VP, Customer Success & Product Optimization @ The Omnia Group

    Tonya DeVane is the Vice President of Customer Success & Product Optimization, driving transformative strategies that elevate customer satisfaction and optimize Omnia utilization.

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