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TakeAway Tuesday - Hiring Doesn't Have to be Scary

About this event

Let’s set the scene. There you are, waiting. As a figure approaches, you notice a too-wide smile that doesn’t reach their eyes. They’re impeccably dressed, but it doesn’t feel genuine. There’s a secret here. What could it be?  

You take a deep breath. You’ve been here before. You are a professional and you understand your mission: to uncover the truth of this individual. You must see behind the charisma, the tailored clothing, the friendly smile, and determine what lies beneath.  

You ask yourself: can I trust this person with my most valuable asset? You remind yourself that while your gut instinct is often helpful, it’s not the right way to approach this scenario. In short, you must figure out if this person will be as charismatic tomorrow as they are today.    

Join us to learn:

  • Is a “bad hire” really that bad? 
  • How to avoid a bad hire 
  • How to spot red flag candidates 
  • How Omnia can help 

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    Wendy Sheaffer Product Manager @ The Omnia Group

    With over 20 years of experience, I help companies hire the right person the first time, manage more effectively and build high-performance teams using everyday tools and behavioral concepts.

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