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Design patterns for microservice architecture

About this webinar

Since our last webinar on microservices was such a huge success, we’ve decided to organise a next one! 🔥 This time, we’ll be getting into more details about the best design patterns for microservice architecture. Everything based on real-life projects done here at The Software House.

If you’re a CTO or a Lead Developer and you’re planning to design service-oriented architecture, it’s definitely a webinar tailored to your needs. 👍 Adrian Zmenda, our Lead Dev, will explain:

  • when microservice architecture is a safe bet and what are some good alternatives
  • what are the pros and cons of the most popular design patterns (API Gateway, Backend for Frontend and more)
  • how to ensure that the communication between services is done right and what to do in case of connection issues
  • why we’ve decided to use a monorepo (monolithic repository)
  • what we’ve learned from using the remote procedure call framework gRPC
  • how to monitor the efficiency of individual services and whole SOA-based systems

Registering for the webinar is totally free. The event will take circa 1 hour and you’ll be able to ask The Software House Team some questions during a Q&A session. 💡

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  • Guest speaker
    AZ G
    Adrian Zmenda Lead Developer @ The Software House

    Lead Software Developer at The Software House, working mostly in PHP. Big fan of new technologies, community meetups and hackathons, messing with IoT home automation in free time. Also, an open-minded geeky gamer.

  • Guest speaker
    Adam Polak Head of Node.js @ The Software House

    Head of Node.js Team at The Software House, with almost 10 years of experience in programming. Possessing considerable skills not only in Node, but also in PHP and frontend development. Co-creator of Kakunin – the open-source framework for E2E test automation.

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