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Microservice architecture with Node.js: Should you jump on the hype train?

About this webinar


It seems that everyone is migrating to microservices from the monolithic architecture. But is it really the best solution for every business scenario? 🤔

Will using microservices make your new software product better? Can it help your business become the new Netflix 📈?

For the last months, we’ve been working on a few microservices-based projects here at The Software House. We’ve learned about both pros and cons of this architecture and now we want to share the knowledge with you by hosting this free webinar. 👍

Our experienced Node.js developer, Mariusz Richtscheid, will tell you:

  • which business scenarios are perfect for using microservices and when you should go for something else
  • is it possible to set up a new service in just a few seconds?
  • which patterns and best practices come useful when working with microservices (API gateway, sagas, tracing)?
  • why you should specify service contracts with gRPC instead of creating boilerplate code
  • how to save some time by using a monolithic repository (monorepo)?
  • why you should forget about the test pyramid and why it’s better to test with Docker instead

The webinar will last about 1 hour and there will be an opportunity to ask Mariusz questions during a Q&A session.☝️

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  • Guest speaker
    Mariusz Richtscheid Node.js Developer @ The Software House

    Mariusz Richtscheid (also known as Richie) is a true full-stack JavaScript developer. He’s experienced both in Node.js and in frontend development (using React), while also being no stranger to PHP development and QA automation. In the free time, Richie is mad about cycling.

  • Guest speaker
    Adam Polak Full-Stack Developer @ The Software House

    The true full-stack developer with almost 10 years of experience in programming. Head of Node.js Team at The Software House, possessing considerable skills not only in Node, but also in PHP and frontend development. Co-creator of Kakunin – the open-source framework for E2E test automation.

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