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Serverless architecture: introduction & first steps

About this webinar

Are you wondering about using serverless computing in your project? The Software House is here with a brand new webinar to answer all of your questions. 🔥 After a series of extremely popular tutorials on microservices (over 1600 sign-ups), our lead Node.js developer Mariusz Richtscheid will explain the basics of serverless architecture:

  • What is serverless computing and what it is not?
  • When it’s a good idea to go serverless? Do you really need it?
  • Can you get rid of DevOps engineers when using serverless architecture?
  • What are the basic cloud computing service models: IaaS, Paas, SaaS, FaaS?
  • Which service model should you choose when beginning your adventure with serverless computing?
  • Which serverless providers to choose? Are there any other alternatives?
  • What are the costs and limitations of AWS serverless services (AWS Lambda)?
  • Which provisioning framework to use with AWS?
  • How to develop your first Lambda-based app using the Serverless framework?
  • How to turn your app into a fully serverless one?

The webinar will be based on a real-life serverless project done at The Software House called Babelsheet (translation-management solution), and will include many practical tips. The whole event will take circa 1 hour and you’ll be able to ask Mariusz some questions during a Q&A session. 💡

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  • Guest speaker
    Mariusz Richtscheid Node.js Developer @ The Software House

    Mariusz Richtscheid is a lead Node.js developer at The Software House. Experienced not only in Node, but also in frontend development (React) and QA automation, Mariusz is a true full-stack developer always willing to share his knowledge. Apart from software development, he’s mad about cycling.

  • Guest speaker
    Adam Polak Full-Stack Developer @ The Software House

    The true full-stack developer with almost 10 years of experience in programming. Head of Node.js Team at The Software House, possessing considerable skills not only in Node, but also in PHP and frontend development. Co-creator of Kakunin – the open-source framework for E2E test automation.

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