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CI/CD with Bitbucket Pipelines - Take care of DevOps on your own

About this webinar

Wouldn’t it be great to get DevOps services without employing a full-time DevOps specialist? Well, CI/CD solutions like Bitbucket Pipelines promise just the thing.

We’ve tested them out in a few projects in The Software House and now we want to share our experience with you. Tomasz Kajtoch (Frontend Developer) and Michał Żądło (Backend Developer) will show you:

  1. What are the differences between continuous integration and continuous delivery
  2. What are the most popular CI/CD solutions (Jenkins, Travis, GitLab) and why do we use Bitbucket Pipelines
  3. Which features of Bitbucket Pipelines might be useful in your software project
  4. How to begin your journey with Bitbucket Pipelines
  5. How to automate your deployment process
  6. What are the limitations of Bitbucket Pipelines and how to overcome them

Whether you’re a Frontend Developer, a Backend Developer or a Technical Director – we’ll give you all the info needed to start working with Bitbucket Pipelines.

During the webinar, we’ll also answer all of your questions.

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  • Guest speaker
    TK G
    Tomasz Kajtoch Frontend Developer @ The Software House

    Tomasz is an experienced JavaScript Developer, an enthusiast of strongly typed programming languages. He likes sharing his knowledge during meetups and webinars, as well as contributing to open-source software projects. Also, he’s a total photography geek.

  • Guest speaker
    SS G
    Szymon Szymanski Head of PHP @ The Software House

    Szymon "Szyku" Szymański is a pragmatic software engineer experienced in enterprise grade solutions. Currently Head of PHP department at The Software House where he drives / adjusts employees' growth to the best possible outcome, and tailors business solutions for clients.

  • Guest speaker
    Michal Żądło Backend Developer @ The Software House

    Michał has been coding in PHP for about 12 years now, so you can say that he knows backend development pretty well. ;) He’s especially keen to use the Symfony framework which he likes for its flexibility. In his free time, Michał swims, rides a bike and practises judo.

  • Team member
    Mateusz Kubiczek CEO @ The Software House

    CEO The Software House, dbający o to, by nasi klienci dostawali świetny software, a pracownicy idealne warunki do pracy.

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