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Activate Your Company Network for Recruiting, Sales, and Partnerships

About this event

This event is brought to you by The Swarm in partnership with 500 Global Network.

Panel discussion with:

Event agenda:

  • Engage your team and external stakeholders to activate your company network
  • Lean on existing relationships to connect with warm, prospective candidates
  • Keep building high-quality recruiting pipelines even if you press pause on hiring
  • Tap into your network to find new sales leads or partnership opportunities

Event abstract:

Your team, super connectors, and external stakeholders can make a lasting difference on your company success. Join our next online panel event to learn how to activate your network, build relationships, and uncover hidden opportunities for recruiting, sales, and partnerships.

At The Swarm, we believe you don't have to interact with hundreds of cold out-of-network candidates if you can reach the right handful of trusted, responsive, interested talent. Your network’s network (or Network Graph, as we call it) is the key to these high-quality, trustworthy candidates you didn’t know were there, a connection away. Invest in building a strong and diverse network early on, and use it as a catalyst to build a winning team.

But recruiting is only the beginning: Tapping into your network can also help you craft more successful outreach campaigns for sales, connect with new partners, and more. We're excited to lift the veil on these powerful use cases and for a great discussion with our panel of experts. Register now!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    David Connors

  • Team member
    Opal Franklin

  • Guest speaker
    Nolan Church Co-Founder & CEO @ Continuum

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Cho Advisor & Former Chief Recruiting Officer @ Gem

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