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Payment Terms Legislation: A Global View

About this webinar

Optimising working capital can involve managing supplier payment terms across multiple countries or regions. But what if local laws or regulations mean your global payment terms are inappropriate or even illegal?

In this special Working Capital Forum online meeting with Bob Glotfelty of Taulia and working capital expert Llewelyn Mullooly, we'll be getting a first look at the detailed data from the first ever global payment terms database, created and maintained by Taulia.

We'll be getting insights into how payment terms legislation is expanding across the globe and understanding what that means for those of us managing working capital or supplier finance programmes.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Mike Hewitt Managing Director @ The Working Capital Forum

  • Guest speaker
    Llewelyn Mullooly Consultant @ Adaugeo Media

  • Guest speaker
    Bob Glotfelty VP of Growth @ Taulia Inc.

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