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Integrating Biomedical Ontologies with OMOP: Opportunities for Drug Safety Monitoring

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About the series

The Hyve is thrilled to announce the webinar series "Beyond Traditional Approaches in Drug Safety: The Power of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs", aiming to explore novel solutions to support and advance data-driven processes in pharmacovigilance.

In the ever-evolving world of medicine, drug safety monitoring is critical to ensure patient safety. However, the presence of complex and multi-source data complicates the data representation, understanding, and subsequent analysis to detect and monitor adverse drug effects. This series will focus on the applications of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs in the field of pharmacovigilance that aim to tackle these challenges and offer novel frameworks in drug safety.

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About this webinar

The first webinar of the series, "Integrating Biomedical Ontologies with OMOP: Opportunities for Drug Safety Monitoring" will explore the convergence of data harmonization and semantic models in the context of drug safety monitoring.

The first part of the session will host a presentation by Dr. Tiffany Callahan (IBM Research Almaden) titled "Ontologizing Health Systems to Facilitate Translational Discovery and Improve Drug Safety". Systems pharmacology is an emerging discipline that aims to provide a holistic understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying drug interactions within the context of diverse genetic and environmental factors. Recent advancements provide unprecedented opportunities to go beyond the traditional epidemiological exposure-to-outcome paradigm to more intelligent models. This presentation will introduce novel methods designed to support these models, presenting new opportunities for drug safety monitoring.

The subsequent panel discussion will feature experts in the field, including Dr. Tiffany Callahan, Sofia Bazakou from The Hyve's Real World Data team, and Elpida Kontsioti from The Hyve’s Research Data Management team. Key themes to be explored include:

  • The potential of semantic models in enhancing the identification of adverse events
  • The challenges and opportunities in harmonizing diverse datasets
  • The OHDSI community's initiatives driving data integration and sharing for drug safety monitoring applications.

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    Sofia Bazakou

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