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Knowledge Graphs for Multi-Source Data Analysis in Pharmacovigilance

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About the series

The Hyve is thrilled to announce the webinar series "Beyond Traditional Approaches in Drug Safety: The Power of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs", aiming to explore novel solutions to support and advance data-driven processes in pharmacovigilance.

In the ever-evolving world of medicine, drug safety monitoring is critical to ensure patient safety. However, the presence of complex and multi-source data complicates the data representation, understanding, and subsequent analysis to detect and monitor adverse drug effects. This series will focus on the applications of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs in the field of pharmacovigilance that aim to tackle these challenges and offer novel frameworks in drug safety.

About this webinar

The second webinar of the series, "Knowledge Graphs for Multi-Source Data Analysis in Pharmacovigilance", will explore how knowledge graphs revolutionize the analysis of multiple data sources in pharmacovigilance, offering practical insights and opportunities for the field.

In the first part of the session, we will host a presentation by Dr. Andrew Simms. Dr. Simms is currently an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine as well as the Principal Quantitative Scientist at Verana Health, Inc. His research focus is medical knowledge representation with an emphasis on graph-based models.

In his presentation titled "A Patient Safety Knowledge Graph Supporting Vaccine Product Development", Dr. Simms will discuss a knowledge graph solution that was developed for COVID-19 vaccine safety analyses. With knowledge graphs being able to efficiently align and merge diverse data at scale, this solution enables efficient storage and analysis of COVID-19 vaccine adverse event and exposure data published by multiple sources, with widely varying formats and structure and in far greater quantity than previous vaccines.

Eelke van der Horst (Semantic Modeling Expert) and Elpida Kontsioti (Data Modeler) from The Hyve will join Dr. Andrew Simms in the subsequent panel discussion, diving into these key topics:

  • How knowledge graphs are changing the data management landscape and transforming the way we can answer key scientific and medical questions
  • The potential of knowledge graphs for downstream analytics applications in drug safety monitoring
  • Practical tips for organizations considering knowledge graph solutions for multi-source data analysis in pharmacovigilance.

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  • Guest speaker
    Andrew Simms Principal Quantitative Scientist; Affiliate Assistant Professor @ Verana Health, Inc. & University of Washington School of Medicine

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    The Hyve

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