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Decoding the Future: Large Language Models Shaping Tomorrow

About this event

Mark your calendars at June 11th 2024 15:00 PM CEST (09:00 AM EST) if you are keen on understanding the dynamic intersection of Generative AI from solution providers experts in the life sciences industry!

This webinar is not just an event; it’s a deep-dive conversation to explore the future of life sciences that is being fine tuned by Generative AI. Whether you’re a scientist, researcher, tech enthusiast, or a curious mind, this is your opportunity to join the conversation that could redefine the boundaries of technology and biology/chemistry.

Meet our Key Panelists:

  • IQVIA - Jay Nanavati, Head of Advanced NLP
  • Metaphacts - Dr. Peter Haase, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Ontoforce - Michael Vanhoutte, VP Engineering
  • Scibite - Joe Mullen, Director of Data Science & Professional Services
  • The Hyve - Team Lead - Real World Data and Consultancy

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    CF G
    Cristina Fasca - Pistoia Alliance

  • Guest speaker
    MV G
    Michael Vanhoutte - Ontoforce VP Engineering @ Ontoforce

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Haase - Metaphacts Chief Scientific Officer @ Metaphacts

  • Team member
    Wouter Franke - The Hyve Strategic Data Consultant @ The Hyve

    Working on data collaborations to get the most value from data in complex environments.

  • Team member
    EC T
    Elisa Cirillo

  • Guest speaker
    Joe Mullen - SciBite Director of Data Science & Professional Services @ Scibite

  • Guest speaker
    Jay Nanavati - IQVIA Head of Advanced NLP @ IQVIA

    Head of Advanced NLP

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