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Location Based User Generated Content

About this webinar

It's more relevant than ever to have location-based content.

These days, location-based content is the key factor for any location-based business. If you have a shop of any kind you only get customers if they find you with their phone the moment they search for you.

Most business owners are aware of this and make sure they are listed in Google Maps and have some ratings on their Google Review Page.

But these are the most basic things everyone has to do to at least get found by a direct search of their business topic, like a bakery, or copy shop in Google and Google Maps.

Nowadays, Google also generates the search results based on your location and locally relevant content will rank higher in the Google search.

If you have location tagged content - like any kind of post, product, members, experts, or services - this content will rank high and will add tons of search phrases to your business.

That means, people will find you not only by search for bakery but also for example for "dark bread" because you - or even better - some user writes how great your "dark bread" is, and tag the post with your location.

And that's where location-based user generated content comes to its full potential. In this webinar I will go through all the technics and highlight some ideas on how to get location based user generated content for your WordPress based site and Business and teach you to get the most out of your Location based user generated contend strategy

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