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TicketSpice Virtual Events On-Demand Demo

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If you're trying to see how to create a virtual ticketing experience, this demo is for you. We show you our brand new virtual events platform using TicketSpice. Sell tickets to your livestream, zoom, vimeo, or any online experience. With TicketSpice, you can restrict your virtual area to exclusively ticketholders and we can also make sure videos are not shared outside the system. Spend 15 minutes seeing how it works end to end from setup to the purchasing experience. Here are some highlights of what you'll see.

  • Configuring an at home livestream concert with multiple streams
  • Virtual meet and greet for only VIP ticket holders
  • Ticket level setup + fee control
  • Donation ticket levels for virtual events that benefit charity
  • Design and branding control
  • Restricting access to only ticket holders
  • Locking down videos to only be viewable in your virtual area
  • Selectively showing livestreams and videos to certain ticket holders
  • Coupon Creation
  • Conditional Logic to Modify Pricing
  • Publishing
  • Purchasing experience for attendees
  • Managing, editing, upgrading, downgrading and canceling ticket holders

For a more in-depth demo that also includes live Q&A, please choose one of our schedule demo's.

If you expecting 5000 or more annual attendees, you can contact us for a customized 1 on 1 demo.

We can't wait to hear of your feedback.

If you got questions, please feel free to use the messenger bubble in the lower right hand side.

See you in there!

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    John Russell Co-Founder @ TicketSpice


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