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Future of new e-commerce sales channels

About this event

Join a discussion on e-commerce trends, inspired by the ‘Sales Channels of The Future’ report. We will cover topics such as content commerce and social commerce, what we can learn from the East, how digital platforms are turning into marketplaces and what that means to brands, the ever-changing omni-channel and what will happen to in-store retail in the future.

Key topics

  • How content commerce and social commerce is reshaping e-commerce
  • How Chinese e-commerce trends will impact the Western world
  • How lifestyle brands & retailers can benefit from digital surfaces transforming into marketplaces
  • How the omni-channel model is changing and what it means to brands & retailers
  • The future of in-store retail

Who is it for?

If you are an ambitious lifestyle brand or retailers looking  to learn more on the latest trends in e-commerce, dive deeper into your omni-channel strategies and discover how to deliver exceptional customer experiences for digital growth, this webinar is for you. 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Kjell-Olof Nilsson CEO & Founder @ Opiqo Consulting

  • Team member
    JB T
    Johanna Björk Digital Growth Specialist @ Tipser

  • Guest speaker
    Mikaela Jaconelli Head of Sales @ Tipser

  • Guest speaker
    Harm Heibült Product Director @ Hubert Burda Media


Commerce at the point of inspiration

Media companies and content creators struggle to monetise their audiences in a sustainable way. Tipser’s e-commerce technology turns digital audiences into revenue and valuable consumer data. We are experts in enabling embedded shopping experiences on any platform.