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A Year in Review: A Look Back at the Ever Changing 2020 Consumer and Planning for 2021

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As we move to 2021 and we look back to 2020, this year has been like no other. We’ve experienced an unprecedented change.

At Toluna/Harris Interactive and KuRunData we’ve run a Consumer Barometer study every 2-3 weeks since March. The study was intended to better understand consumer changes as they unfolded. In doing so, we’ve learned that consumers have been resilient, focused on saving money, and cautious about the ongoing pandemic.

In this webinar, we’ve outlined macro trends, and will speak to knock on effects in key areas – from how people keep healthy, to the impact that job security has on spending and leisure activities. Our subject-matter experts will speak to a variety of topics – critical for your business as you plan for the year ahead.

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