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Meet the Pros: The power of having your consumers available 24/7

About this event

During our Digital Launch Event, we heard from several industry brand leaders about the value of digital communities.

“One of the most successful things we did in Covid19 was to set up a community with Toluna focused on small businesses. We recruited them very quickly and wanted to understand how we could lean in to supporting them through Covid. It provided strong ROI. “

Join us as we take a deeper dive into these benefits and how to make the best of your qualitative research. Our experts will share ways you can use an always-on research hub to stay close to your customers to better equip you and your business to adapt to fast-moving changes.

In this webinar you’ll learn –

  • The power of having your consumers available 24x7 to answer your pressing questions and provide feedback
  • Benefits to having tailor-made audiences, templates & designs
  • The value of qualitative research both near term, and over time

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Cara Edwards Senior Director, Digital Solutions @ Toluna


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