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Accelerate Your Product Development Cycle Through Quality Insights

About this event

Navigating challenging times and maximizing brand opportunity, businesses are re-focusing on consumer insights to answer new questions and understand the ever-changing consumer. One way companies are achieving this is by embedding proven technology to automate key parts of the innovation cycle. Discover how brand owners ‚Äčare using the Toluna Start platform to improve their chances of developing winning products.

This webinar will focus on the following;

  • How brands are maximizing opportunity and optimizing current product portfolios using agile proposition, claims, pack and message testing.
  • Approaches for near term tweaks and longer-term success.
  • Automation in action
  • Pack Testing case study

Hosted by

  • Team member
    NH T
    Navdeep Heer

  • Guest speaker
    RH G
    Richie Heron VP, Methodology @ Toluna

  • Guest speaker
    JH G
    Jethro Hansell Toluna


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