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Social Listening + Real-Time Audience Insights = Big Results

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Monday, 28 Feb 2022 - 01:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT


Julanne Schiffer, SVP, Streaming Entertainment Insights, Toluna

Chris Chen, Executive Director, Global Social Intelligence WarnerMedia


Audience feedback is more critical than ever before to support strategic and tactical decisions for successful program launches. Viewers serve as partners in your success and they help you avoid failures. Social indicators provide important signals, but understanding the “why” of these trends unlocks the true potential of data-driven decision-making. In our world of accelerated marketing cycles, combining social analytics with fast-moving survey insights yields answers that are actionable at the moment, not when it is “too late” to affect change. In this session, we will look at:

  • The need for real-time answers, flexibility, and focus in data-driven program launches
  • How automation facilitates this
  • How to improve decision-making power by combining real-time insights from a variety of sources.
  • The inside scoop on how Warner Bros. embraced social analytics and agile insights to improve the performance of its recent HBO Max Original: Sweet Life.

About Speakers


VP, Streaming Entertainment & TV


Julanne Schiffer is VP, Streaming Entertainment & TV at Toluna, where she blends her extensive vertical expertise with Toluna’s technology and global sample reach in delivering powerful insights automation to clients for performance management.

As a Marketing Analytics and Insights leader, she hails 20+ years’ experience bringing tech and data innovations to clients in digital entertainment, quickly and efficiently translating insights into meaningful actions for the audience and brand growth. She was most recently at Screen Engine/ ASI where she brought AdTech solutions to key Streaming and TV accounts. Prior to that, she oversaw the Eastern Region Client Solutions team for foot-traffic attribution provider, Foursquare, where she managed brand, agency, media platform, and publisher account teams, enabling omnichannel measurement through location technology.

Her prior experience includes leadership roles at Nielsen (GM of Content Solutions), Ipsos, and ViacomCBS.

Chris Chen

Executive Director, Global Social Intelligence WarnerMedia


Chris Chen is the Executive Director, Global Social Intelligence at WarnerMedia. Having built and led the quantitative and social research group at Machinima after Warner’s acquisition, he and his team are focused on combining social listening and agile quantitative research to provide a clearer and more in-depth view of how our consumers are reacting to WarnerMedia’s content, brand, activations, and events across 19 territories. Prior to his career with WarnerMedia, he was in charge of building and leading the quantitative, qualitative, and social research team at Universal Music Group Distribution.

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    Julanne Schiffer SVP, Streaming Entertainment Insights @ Toluna

  • Guest speaker
    Chris Chen Executive Director, Global Social Intelligence @ WarnerMedia

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