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Aviation Industry Outlook & COVID-19 Impacts_4

About this event

Tomorrow AirTalent will organise a joint discussion webinar session on the state of the aviation industry.

You will get insights about our aviation industry business as we all face this unprecedent crisis.

Join us and let’s meet Dr O’Connell and Paul Clark, our two established aviation experts belonging to the worldwide aviation community. That's allows them to be advisories to many of the world leading airlines and currently lecturers in some of the famous UK universities.

Our willing is to create and build a dialogue with aviation industry daily makers.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    JO G
    JOhn OConnell

  • Team member
    MZ T
    Monia Zaki Founder & CEO @ Tomorrow AirTalent

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Clark

  • Team member
    EF T
    Etienne Fleury


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Tomorrow AirTalent creates customized, adaptive and integrative learning solutions in the field of aviation industry, increasing people performance with sense.