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Panel Discussion: Purpose Led Business

About this event

 Introducing the first panel discussion to Tomorrow’s Education! 

Let’s welcome Shaun Frankson, Alina Bassi and Lisa Hendrickson. All of them have one thing in common, they are all saving our planet by connecting the two P’s, Purpose and Profit. 

At the age of 29 Shaun co-founded The Plastic Bank, a triple bottom line social enterprise that makes plastic waste a currency in developing countries to help reduce global poverty.

Alina founded Kleiderly and developed a technology to recycle waste clothing into a new and sustainable material, to create a circular economy and divert clothing waste away from landfills and incinerators. Her mission is to lower the carbon footprint from fashion and save tonnes of CO2 emissions.

As COO of HCC, an innovative luxury interiors brand, Lisa devised the strategy that vaulted the company to becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in America while pioneering a triple bottom line strategy now standard in sustainable companies.

In our first ever panel discussion you will learn what it takes for purpose led business to be successful in oder to create a better tomorrow, starting today.

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    Lisa Hendrickson HCC

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    Shaun Frankson Plasticbank

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    Alina Bassi Kleiderly

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