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SET Masterclass Series: Session #3 The Founder's Journey on International Women’s Day

About this event

Have you always wanted to become a successful founder but didn’t know where to start?

On International Women’s Day we will be hosting an intimate Fireside chat with Lubomila Jardanova, Co-Founder & CEO of PlanA.Earth. She will share her story on how she got started in entrepreneurship, why she decided to take the leap and found her own company, and what skills she’s mastered along the way that have been most impactful for building a startup.

In this interview, you’ll get takeaways on:

  • Lubomilas’s path towards becoming a founder and what she’s learned along the way
  • What skills have been most useful to her as a founder
  • What she looks for when hiring for her teams in a startup
  • Trends she sees that most impact tech startups and what this means for future opportunities

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    JS T
    Johanna Salewsky

  • Team member
    Korbinian Rudloff Growth Marketing @ Tomorrow's Education

  • Guest speaker
    LJ G
    Lubomila Jordanova Co-Founder & CEO @ PlanA.Earth

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