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SET Masterclass Series: Session #7 Kick-ass teams with Daniel Dippold

About this event

What does it take to make an organization successful? Is it a motivating vision & mission? A  great product or amazing marketing? 

How about it’s people and culture?

Just as Einstein famously argued that in research, one should be the ‘dumbest person in the room’, the same principle applies to founders. As Steve Jobs put it: “A level people hire level A people, B level people hire C level people.” As your organisation grows, one wrong person in a leadership position can break your organisation.

In our seventh session of the SET Masterclass webinar series, we will be joined by Daniel Dippold, CEO & founder of Ewor & President at Sigma Squared Society (formerly Kairos Society) to discuss how to put together a kick-ass team. Daniel will share his experience, why he decided to enable people and entrepreneurs to change the world and how you can find and develop a kick-ass team for your own project.

In this event, you’ll get takeaways on:

  • Daniel‘s view on great teams & education in the 21st century
  • How to find the right people
  • How to develop people and teams
  • Aspects of the organization and leadership that impact great teams
  • Trends he sees in teams & people management

This info session is free and open to any prospective students, current applicants and friends and family.

Spaces are limited & registration is required so sign up today to get a front row seat to this exclusive Masterclass!

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  • Guest speaker
    DD G
    Daniel Dippold CEO & Founder @ Ewor

    CEO & founder at Ewor & President Sigma Squared Society Europe Kairos Society

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    MK T
    Markus Kreßler

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    Korbinian Rudloff Growth Marketing @ Tomorrow's Education

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