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SET Masterclass Series #4 - The Founder’s Journey with Christian Kroll

About this event

Christian Kroll is the founder of Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. He launched Ecosia in 2009 after a year-long trip around the world to help people in developing countries and to do something about climate change. The Berlin-based search engine now has 80 employees and millions of users, enabling the company to plant a tree every second.

In this Session, you’ll get takeaways on:

  • Christian’s path towards becoming a founder and what crucial lessons he learned along the way
  • His view on climate change
  • His experience in leadership
  • What he looks for when hiring for his team
  • Trends he sees that impact tech startups the most and what this means for future opportunities

This session is free and open to any prospective students, current applicants and friends and family.

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    Johanna Salewsky

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    Christian Kroll Founder & CEO @ Ecosia

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    Korbinian Rudloff Growth Marketing @ Tomorrow's Education

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