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Virtual Skills Lab: The transformative power of artificial intelligence

About this event

This webinar, as part of Tomorrow’s Virtual Skills Lab, is on tackling the big questions in today’s world. The topic will be hosted by Dr. Kevin Bauer on the transformative power of artificial intelligence.

As we adapt to changing structures and dynamics in our economic, political and social environments driven by the Pandemic, the question of how we can use Artificial Intelligence to tackle emerging global challenges is more paramount than ever.

In this panel discussion, Dr. Bauer will give an overview of the current state of thinking in the field and paint a thought-provoking picture of a plausible and highly disruptive future driven by Artificial Intelligence. He will also share some examples of how global players use AI to predict the future. This future rests on two powerful driving forces for the next growth horizon of the digital economy: humans as creators and curators; and data as labor in a $3 trillion market.

About Dr. Kevin Bauer

Kevin received his first master's degree in Law and Quantitative Economics. He did his Ph.D. in Economics with a particular focus on behavioral foundations of economic interaction. While doing his Ph.D., he started a second Master's degree in Information Systems at the Goethe University Frankfurt focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After finishing his Ph.D., Kevin Bauer joined the TechQuartier as the AI specialist, where he is still active as an external consultant on AI related topics. Since January 2020, Kevin works as a postdoctoral researcher at the SAFE Leibniz Institute where he is part of the 'Digitization of the Financial Industry'-research Group. His research focuses on Human-centric machine learning, Economics of artificial intelligence, and more broadly on the impact of digital technology on society.

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