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Building a Product-Led Growth Team

About this event

Every SaaS product team today wants a slice of the Product-led growth (PLG) pie to drive organizational KPIs, like revenue, engagement, and reach.

But PLG is more than just a focus for product teams – your whole organization needs to be on board for it to succeed and reach the heights that Slack, Calendly, Dropbox, and other PLG SaaS stars have.

In this expert-led discussion, our panelists will share their experiences:

  • Building product-led teams and organizations from the ground up
  • New ways to optimize your product’s delivery and growth loops for distribution
  • The customer-centric KPIs you need to monitor to be successful

Join us on March 2nd, 1 pm EST, for all this + a live Q & A!

PLUS a free helpful resources page created just for you!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Pulkit Agrawal CEO & Co-Founder @ Chameleon

  • Team member
    Charles Miglietti CEO @ Toucan Toco

  • Guest speaker
    Jim Semick Co-Founder @ ProductPlan

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