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Communicating Franchise Insights at Scale: Boost Growth & Retention Across Networks

About this event

Some of the most critical challenges facing today’s franchise businesses are rooted in poor communication. A lack of standardized reporting, on anything from network performance to compliance metrics, can be the difference between success and utter failure.

Join experts from Toucan and World Manager for this live (or on-demand), interactive discussion to learn how you can more effectively analyze and align your franchise network for success.

You’ll learn how to better communicate across your network by:

  • Distributing insights across disparate systems
  • Delivering actionable, digestible insights that align and inspire
  • Using data communication to track unified metrics across a network (+ best practices to distribute those insights in actionable, effective ways)
  • Leveraging best practices of learning management systems to ensure widespread improvements that enable you to scale effectively

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Kelsey Smith VP, Global Marketing & Partnerships @ World Manager

  • Guest speaker
    Scott McAninley VP of Brand Success @ World Manager

  • Team member
    Charles Miglietti CEO @ Toucan Toco

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