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Masterclass for SaaS Part 1: How to Become a "Must-Have" SaaS Provider During Crisis

About this event


Part 2 of the Masterclass: How to Focus on Core Priorities and Protect Cash During Crisis

Part 3 of the Masterclass: Use Product Engagement Data to Prioritize Your Roadmap and Quicken Time to Value

If you’re a SaaS company trying to navigate the COVID crisis, you’re faced with an unprecedented urgency to harness your product data and deliver impactful analytics experiences that empower your users to measure, monitor, and improve performance. 

Your clients are now turning to data more than ever to help them make critical decisions, and you are either becoming key insights providers, or being left in the dust!  

Through the presentation of real use cases and engaging demos, Part 1 of our Masterclass exhibits how interactive data story-telling enables you to become a “must-have” data compass for your users. 

If you are exploring ways to thrive through crisis, you’ve come to the right place! 

Why watch this webinar?

  • You're afraid of your existing customers jumping ship because they only see you as a “nice-to-have” -- you need to maximize your user engagement/retention in times of uncertainty! 
  • You’re looking for innovative ways to add value to your users and help key-decision makers dig deeper into your solution 
  • You want to become an integral part of your users’ roadmap, but don’t want to take the focus away from your existing priorities

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