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How to Scale, Differentiate, and Grow with Embedded Analytics

About this event

Looking to rethink the way your customers access and leverage your platforms' data?

Verified Market Research (VMR) was in the same boat.

This top research firm wanted to not only revamp the way they delivered information to their users, from static PDF reports to impactful interactive dashboards for non-technicals, but also to transform one-timers into recurring visitors and grow their customer base. To do this, they're leveraging Toucan's embedded analytics.

In this webinar, we're joined by Amaan Kazi, the CEO of VMR, to find out how they've managed to address those critical challenges and launch VM Intelligence, offering actionable insights to help their customers make critical revenue impacting decisions.

Why watch this webinar?

Learn how you can better leverage your data to:

  • Integrate and build engaging dashboards with little-to-no technical knowledge
  • Provide an innovative, insightful experience for your users that transforms your service into a "must-have"
  • Scale your offers, generate new revenue opportunities, and establish a more significant competitive advantage
  • Create a "wow-effect" to better engage your prospects and prevent churn

This event will be available live or on-demand. We hope to see you there!

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    Toucan Customer Facing Analytics Datastorytelling for your customers

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    Sara Test Product Marketing Manager @ Toucan Toco

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    Amaan Kazi CEO @ Verified Market Research

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