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Toucan Toco invites you to their event

Toucan - The Data Storytelling Platform for Business Users

About this event

This webinar will take you through our story and a demo of the product.

Toucan is a data storytelling platform that focuses solely on the communication of insights rather than the exploration of data. We compliment (and can bypass) Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI... by providing a platform where both the UX and the narrative environment are embedded in the solution. This means that no time is wasted designing dashboards, you get full mobility instantly, and there is no training required for your end users, leading to record breaking speeds in deployment, adoption and usage. In other words an agile solution that finally enables a culture of analytics.   

Toucan Toco

Data Storytelling, the last mile of your data’s journey

Our mission: make data sexy again. Toucan's platform simplifies the process of data analysis and visualization. We enable people to make better decisions and with impactful, digestible insights.