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Using Advanced Analytics to Build a Killer, Data-Driven Product

About this event

As product is driving growth more than ever, good product leaders understand that data is key to finding new revenue streams, ideas, and success. To put things simply, your team has two scenarios to leverage advanced analytics:

- Internally - to better understand your product and your customer to determine where you should focus your efforts and make an impact - improving your teams' focus on what matters.

- Externally - turning your product data into a compelling reporting experience for your users to help them make decisions directly within your software - maximizing customer retention & your revenue potential.

Register today to learn more about:

  • the types of analytics that are critical to building any killer roadmap
  • how to explore / analyze your data to better know your user and your product impact
  • leveraging what you already have to drive innovation and keep you competitive 
  • data democratization: communicate, convince & align through data communication, both internally and with your users
  • building and iteration: minimize your burn rate and maximize your impact -- when to build and when to partner

If you’re able to craft easy-to-access, easy-to-use, and easy-to-share analytics experiences, you'll become a powerful partner: you'll uncover insights for your internal stakeholders to drive the product roadmap and surface untapped growth opportunities, AND you'll become a strategic insights provider for your customers by giving them access to an embedded reporting experience.

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  • Guest speaker
    Romain Duboc Product Leader @ Toucan Toco

  • Guest speaker
    Jeremy Levy CEO @ Indicative

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