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Toucan Toco invites you to their event

How to Boost your users' Engagement rate and reduce churn with best in class Analytics component?

About this event

You’ve built awesome software, solving critical pains for your clients and yet, they’re asking for more extra components to really get a clue about the high value you’re providing?  

You could prove this value and reduce churn thanks to an analytics component where the insights are obvious? 

This webinar is for you! 


Today's Royal couple: Data & User Experience

Bring actionable insights within a playful User Experience and you instantly build an unbreakable relationship with your customers by showing them every day your software value. 

As a software publisher, you evolve in a very competitive market. Your main objective is to attract new customers, increase user adoption and avoid churn. 

But your clients challenge you every day for you to showcase the concrete value-added your software brings and to prove the ROI you promised them during the first sale. 

During this 40 min session, we’ll cover: 

  1. A quick introduction to Product best practices on boosting user engagement 
  2. Market learnings from young software companies like you: how far can you boost user engagement thanks to embedded analytics 
  3. Our vision on this critical topic: How you can raise your software perceived value by providing actionable insights to non-technical end-users   
  4. Concrete examples and advice on an Embedded Analytics project journey 
  5. And of course, an open discussion with your questions!

We hope to engage a great discussion with you on the 30th!


What is Toucan Toco?

Toucan is the market leader in communicating insights to non-technical business decision-makers.

We provide a powerful Data Storytelling platform where business users can access interactive applications to easily understand what their data is telling them.

Embedded in existing software, our Data Stories help you cover the last mile to truly communicate data to your end-users with the shortest time-to-market you can experience. This webinar is the first jump!

More information about Toucan Toco: https://toucantoco.com/en/

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    JS G
    Jp Serhal Data Visualization Specialist @ Toucan Toco

    JP is dedicated to helping US companies leverage their awesome software by building with them the best embedded analytics component.

Toucan Toco

Data Storytelling, the last mile of your data’s journey

Our mission: make data sexy again. Toucan's platform simplifies the process of data analysis and visualization. We enable people to make better decisions and with impactful, digestible insights.