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Your Guide to Digital Government: Record keeping for Bookings

About this event

Our monthly webinars focus on the key aspects of digital government, shedding light on topics like digital payments and citizen engagement to online forms, meeting minutes, and parks and facility rentals. 

Each webinar presents a unique angle, providing you with insights, strategies, and success stories to help guide your municipality's process.

During this webinar we'll:

  1. Understanding the significance of maintaining accurate record keeping for municipal facility bookings.
  2. Implementing best practices to efficiently organize and manage booking records.
  3. Peer review and feedback on effective record keeping methods.

Don't stay stuck in the past – embrace the future of digital government!

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    Chris Astrella, MPA Government Content Insider @ Town Web Design

    Chris is the Government Content Insider for Town Web and HeyGov, but also holds titles as a college professor, international speaker, local government superhero, legendary municipal Clerk, and successful grant writer. He's based out of Las Vegas, NV and doesn't miss winter one bit!

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